Bioxytran Announces Preprint of Shingles Case Study Showing Clearance Using a Topical Galectin-3 Antagonist

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Bioxytran, Inc. (BIXT) announces a preprint in ResearchGate showing 50% lesion clearance and regression of Herpes Zoster Neuralgia within 48-72 hours using a topical Galectin-3 antagonist. The company aims to develop oral and intravenous drugs to treat viral diseases, highlighting the potential of this new therapy in managing shingles outbreaks.
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50% Lesion clearance and regression of Herpes Zoster Neuralgia within 48 – 72 hours

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, March 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BIOXYTRAN, INC. (BIXT), (the “Company”), a clinical stage biotechnology company developing oral and intravenous drugs to treat viral diseases, announced today the preprint in ResearchGate entitled “Association of Rapid Shingles Lesion Clearance and Regression of Herpes Zoster Neuralgia in Case Study Using Topical Galectin-3 Antagonism” showed a time lapsed clearance of the shingles lesions using a topical Galectin-3 antagonist. Vaccines have been developed to prevent shingles, but there are few effective antiviral therapies capable of treating the outbreak while reducing the pain associated with the condition. The case study demonstrated a rapid response in the reduction of pain the size of the lesion area, due to a galectin antagonist.

Herpes Zoster the pre-publication can be viewed at:

“There are preventive vaccines for shingles of variable efficacy, but the search for an efficacious therapeutic intervention, that terminates clinical progression of shingles, has so far proven elusive,” said Dr. Leslie Ajayi, Bioxytran Chief Medical Officer. “This case study constitutes a proof of concept of the benefit of using a galectin antagonist in human shingles infection. If research dollars are available, we would like to conduct an expanded clinical series, with a topical formulation of our galectin-3 antagonists in more in a varied patient pool consisting of 20 to 30 men and women. In parallel, we would like to examine the efficacy of an orally active galectin-3 antagonist compared to the topical preparation with the ultimate goal of a Randomized Controlled Trial compared against the standard of care (SOC). If our hypothesis is supported by clinical evidence, it may cause a paradigm shift and benefit, in the management of shingles and herpetic neuralgia. The subsequent possibilities are enormous, and would have an impact in the fields of virology, dermatology, and neuroscience.”

About Bioxytran, Inc.

Bioxytran, Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering a library of novel carbohydrate structures using artificial intelligence software that interprets the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance imaging of druggable targets like the galectin fold to create a rational drug design. The leading drug candidates vetted by in vitro testing, are capable of neutralizing viruses. The peer-reviewed discovery of the galectin fold located on the spike proteins of viruses such as COVID-19, RSV, and H1N1 demonstrate there exists a conserved region on the spike in which Bioxytran’s molecules achieve virus neutralization. The extent of the carbohydrate structure’s ability to neutralize untested viruses is unknown just like the initial discovery of antibiotics last century and its ability to treat a broad spectrum of bacterial infections. Applications of this platform technology extend to the treatment of significant unmet medical needs in virology, degenerative disease, and hypoxia. The leading drug candidate, Prolectin-M, is a new class of antiviral drug designed to antagonize galectins implicated in inflammatory, fibrotic, and malignant diseases. Bioxytran’s other development programs are for pulmonary fibrosis and stroke treatment. More information can be found at

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What did the preprint in ResearchGate show regarding Herpes Zoster Neuralgia?

The preprint showed 50% lesion clearance and regression of Herpes Zoster Neuralgia within 48-72 hours using a topical Galectin-3 antagonist.

What is Bioxytran, Inc.'s (BIXT) focus in terms of drug development?

Bioxytran, Inc. is focused on developing oral and intravenous drugs to treat viral diseases.

Who is Dr. Leslie Ajayi and what role does he play in the company?

Dr. Leslie Ajayi is the Chief Medical Officer of Bioxytran and emphasized the potential benefits of using a galectin antagonist in shingles infection.

What further clinical studies does Bioxytran plan to conduct?

Bioxytran plans to conduct an expanded clinical series with a topical formulation of galectin-3 antagonists in a varied patient pool, as well as examine the efficacy of an orally active galectin-3 antagonist compared to the topical preparation.

What impact does Bioxytran hope to achieve in the fields of virology, dermatology, and neuroscience?

Bioxytran aims to potentially cause a paradigm shift in the management of shingles and herpetic neuralgia, leading to significant benefits in virology, dermatology, and neuroscience.

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