Beamr Provides Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Customers with Ultra-Efficient, AI-ready Video Processing Solution

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Beamr Imaging announced that its Beamr Cloud solution is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, powered by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and NVIDIA accelerated computing. The solution offers high-quality, fast, and scalable video optimization using Beamr’s patented Content-Adaptive-Bitrate (CABR) technology.

Customers can benefit from efficient AI-ready video processing and transformation into the AV1 format, which is 30% more efficient than the H.264 format. This enables the modernization of large-scale video libraries, catering to markets like broadcasting, streaming, and AI.

The collaboration with Oracle and NVIDIA enhances Beamr's capabilities, ensuring customers get seamless, automated, and scalable video processing solutions.

  • Beamr Cloud is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, enhancing visibility and accessibility.
  • The solution leverages NVIDIA accelerated computing, offering high-speed and high-quality video processing.
  • Beamr’s Content-Adaptive-Bitrate technology (CABR) optimizes video compression, reducing costs and improving performance.
  • The new AV1 encoding format is 30% more efficient than H.264, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Partnerships with Oracle and NVIDIA strengthen Beamr’s market position and technological capabilities.
  • The solution caters to growing demands in AI, broadcasting, streaming, and user-generated content markets.
  • No specific financial data or revenue projections were provided, leaving uncertainty about the direct financial impact.
  • The announcement focuses on technological benefits but lacks detailed market adoption or customer case studies to substantiate claims.
  • Potential risks include market adoption challenges for the new AV1 format despite its efficiencies.

Beamr Imaging Ltd. has unveiled its Beamr Cloud solution now available in Oracle's Cloud Marketplace, a significant move given the exponential growth in video usage. With the integration of NVIDIA L40S GPUs, the solution leverages advanced graphics and media acceleration to provide fast and scalable video optimization. This development is noteworthy for sectors like broadcasting and streaming, which require efficient video processing due to the high demand for high-quality video content.

Importantly, the ability to efficiently encode videos using the new AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) format, which is 30% more efficient than the widely-used H.264 format, represents a major technological advancement. It allows for modernizing large-scale video libraries, enhancing performance and cost-efficiency. The potential long-term benefits include reduced storage costs and enhanced user experience, which is particularly relevant for AI-driven data analysis and video monetization.

Furthermore, the combined capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and NVIDIA's accelerated computing offer a compelling value proposition by ensuring high-speed and quality video compression. This synergy could attract data-intensive industries seeking reliable and scalable video processing solutions, thus broadening Beamr's customer base and driving revenue growth over time.

Beamr's integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, coupled with their inclusion in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, strategically positions them to tap into Oracle's vast customer base. This move aligns well with the trends in cloud computing and digital transformation, where businesses are increasingly seeking efficient and scalable solutions to manage large volumes of video content.

The use of NVIDIA's L40S GPUs underscores a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver superior video processing capabilities. For retail investors, this indicates potential for Beamr to achieve a competitive edge in the video optimization market. The ability to offer AV1 encoding as a new industry standard could also position Beamr favorably against competitors still reliant on older formats.

However, while the integration appears to have strong potential, the success of this venture will depend on the actual uptake and customer satisfaction within Oracle's ecosystem. As video processing needs continue to grow, Beamr's ability to deliver on its promises will be key in driving sustained growth and market share expansion.

Beamr is Powered by Oracle Cloud and Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Herzliya, Israel, June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Beamr Imaging Ltd. (NASDAQ: BMR), a leader in video optimization technology and solutions, and a member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), today announced that its Beamr Cloud solution has achieved Powered by Expertise and is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Enabled by NVIDIA accelerated computing, Beamr Cloud offers added value to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) customers by delivering efficient, AI-ready video processing.

Beamr Cloud provides customers access to high-quality, fast, and scalable video optimization and transformation, thanks to Beamr’s patented and award-winning Content-Adaptive-Bitrate solution (CABR), enabled by NVIDIA accelerated computing. OCI combined with NVIDIA L40S GPUs delivers powerful AI compute with advanced graphics and media acceleration.

The L40S GPU features third-generation NVIDIA RTX accelerated ray-tracing technology, along with three encode and three decode engines. With the addition of AOMedia Video 1 (AV1) encoding, the L40S delivers 30% more efficient video encoding (vs. the same hardware and software encoding H.264 format) for breakthrough performance and optimized total cost of ownership.

Customers will have the ability to transform videos into the emerging AV1 video format. While video usage is growing at an exponential pace, most videos today are still based on a 20-year-old format (AVC / H.264). The fast and automated transformation to AV1 is poised to enable modernization of large-scale video libraries in markets like AI, broadcasting, streaming, and user-generated content.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace is a one-stop shop for Oracle customers seeking trusted business applications and services offering unique solutions, including those that extend Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications.

“In the AI era, with the rapid growth in video usage and the necessity to analyze video data for insights extraction, data labeling, or monetization, Beamr offers a dual-efficiency solution with both high-quality and high-speed video compression and analysis, powered by Oracle Cloud and NVIDIA GPUs,” said Sharon Carmel, CEO, Beamr. “Beamr’s participation in Oracle PartnerNetwork and our achievement of Powered by Oracle Cloud Expertise further extends our commitment to the Oracle community, and enables customers to easily reap the benefits of Beamr Cloud. We look forward to leveraging the power of the Oracle Cloud to help us achieve our business goals.”

"The cloud represents a huge opportunity for our partner community," said David Hicks, group vice president, Worldwide ISV Cloud Business Development, Oracle. "Beamr’s commitment to innovation with the Oracle Cloud and quality execution helps our mutual customers receive cloud-enabled, automated, and scalable video processing solutions ready to meet critical business needs."

“High-quality video optimization and coding require accelerated computing to maintain user efficiency and productivity,” said Bob Pette, Vice President of Enterprise Platforms, NVIDIA. “By using NVIDIA accelerated computing, Beamr enables customers to process videos significantly faster and meet AI companies’ demands for unmatched video compression.”

Powered by Oracle Cloud Expertise recognizes OPN members with solutions that run on Oracle Cloud. For partners earning the Powered by Oracle Cloud Expertise, this achievement offers customers confidence that the partner's application is supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SLA, enabling full access and control over their cloud infrastructure services as well as consistent performance.

About Beamr

Beamr (Nasdaq: BMR) is a world leader in content adaptive video solutions. Backed by 53 granted patents, and winner of the 2021 Technology and Engineering Emmy® award and the 2021 Seagate Lyve Innovator of the Year award, Beamr's perceptual optimization technology enables up to a 50% reduction in bitrate with guaranteed quality.

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What is Beamr Cloud?

Beamr Cloud is a video optimization solution offering high-quality, fast, and scalable video processing powered by Oracle Cloud and NVIDIA accelerated computing.

What advantages does Beamr Cloud offer to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure customers?

Beamr Cloud provides efficient AI-ready video processing, transforms videos into the AV1 format, and utilizes NVIDIA accelerated computing for enhanced performance.

How efficient is the AV1 encoding format compared to H.264?

The AV1 encoding format is 30% more efficient than the H.264 format, leading to optimized total cost of ownership.

What markets can benefit from Beamr Cloud?

Beamr Cloud caters to AI, broadcasting, streaming, and user-generated content markets, enabling the modernization of large-scale video libraries.

Who are Beamr's key partners for the Beamr Cloud solution?

Beamr is partnering with Oracle and NVIDIA to deliver its AI-ready video processing solution.

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