Cisco Completes Acquisition of Isovalent to Define the Future of Multicloud Networking and Security

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Cisco has completed the acquisition of Isovalent, a leader in open source cloud native networking and security. The acquisition aims to define the future of secure, multicloud networking by integrating Isovalent's innovative technologies into Cisco's Security Cloud vision. Isovalent's contributions to eBPF, Cilium, and Tetragon will enhance networking capabilities and visibility in cloud native environments.
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The completion of Cisco's acquisition of Isovalent represents a strategic move to bolster Cisco's portfolio in the realms of multicloud networking and security. This acquisition aligns with the burgeoning demand for cloud-native technologies as enterprises accelerate digital transformation. It positions Cisco favorably within a competitive landscape, where differentiation often hinges on comprehensive and innovative security solutions. Isovalent's expertise in eBPF and the development of Cilium and Tetragon can be expected to enrich Cisco's Security Cloud vision, potentially translating into increased market share and customer trust in Cisco's security offerings.

From a market perspective, the integration of Isovalent's technologies into Cisco's security platform is likely to enhance Cisco's value proposition in multicloud environments. In the long term, this could lead to an expanded customer base as organizations increasingly seek out robust security solutions that can seamlessly operate across diverse cloud architectures. By staying at the forefront of cloud-native security solutions, Cisco may also see an uplift in brand perception as a leader in an area of growing importance within IT infrastructure.

Financially, the acquisition of Isovalent by Cisco is a significant investment in the future of multicloud security, which is a rapidly expanding segment due to the shift towards distributed computing environments. While the immediate financial impact may include acquisition costs and integration expenses, this move is expected to pay dividends in the form of future revenue streams. Investors should monitor how effectively Cisco integrates Isovalent's technologies and leverages its expertise to capture more of the security market share.

Additionally, the market will be watching closely for Cisco's ability to maintain and contribute to the open source projects that Isovalent has been known for. The stewardship of these projects is important as it can influence both the developer community's support and the broader adoption of Cisco's solutions in the market. By extension, investors should consider the potential for Cisco's Security Cloud to emerge as an industry standard, which would bode well for sustained growth and profitability.

The acquisition of Isovalent by Cisco signals a leap forward in the cybersecurity industry, particularly in the protection of multicloud environments. The emphasis on Isovalent's contributions to eBPF (Extended Berkeley Packet Filter) and its cloud-native solutions like Cilium and Tetragon is noteworthy. These technologies enable more fine-grained security policies and advanced monitoring capabilities, which are essential in modern, dynamic cloud environments. The ability to achieve this at scale could provide Cisco with a distinct competitive advantage.

For organizations, the promise of leading-edge protection for every workload across any cloud is an attractive proposition, as it simplifies the security management of their diverse cloud services. In an industry where threats are ever-evolving and the perimeter is increasingly hard to define, a solution that integrates seamlessly into an organization's existing multicloud strategy can be a game-changer. This acquisition could therefore represent a substantial leap in Cisco's capabilities, contributing to a more secure and resilient digital infrastructure.

News Summary:

  • Cisco has completed the acquisition of Isovalent, Inc., a leader in open source cloud native networking and security
  • Together, Cisco and Isovalent will build leading edge protection for every workload on every cloud
  • Cisco is committed to nurturing and supporting eBPF, Cilium, Tetragon, and cloud native open source communities

SAN JOSE, Calif., April 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced the completion of the acquisition of Isovalent, a leader in open source cloud native networking and security. This marks a significant step forward in Cisco's commitment to define the future of secure, multicloud networking.

Isovalent's innovative technologies will become a cornerstone of the Cisco Security Cloud vision, an AI-driven, cloud-delivered, integrated security platform designed to accommodate organizations of any size, offering cutting-edge protection against threats in a multicloud world.

Isovalent's team has been a major contributor to the open source technology eBPF and has led the development of cloud-native solutions Cilium and Tetragon. These advancements provide IT and platform engineering with robust networking capabilities and enhanced visibility into cloud native interactions, enabling smooth policy definition and enforcement across software defined networks.

The Isovalent team joins the Cisco Security Business Group.

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What did Cisco announce regarding Isovalent?

Cisco announced the completion of the acquisition of Isovalent, a leader in open source cloud native networking and security.

What is the significance of the acquisition for Cisco?

The acquisition aims to define the future of secure, multicloud networking for Cisco.

What technologies have Isovalent contributed to in the open source community?

Isovalent has contributed to eBPF, Cilium, and Tetragon in the open source community.

How will Isovalent's technologies benefit Cisco's Security Cloud vision?

Isovalent's technologies will enhance networking capabilities and visibility in cloud native environments within Cisco's Security Cloud vision.

Which team at Cisco will Isovalent join?

The Isovalent team will join the Cisco Security Business Group.

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