Major Global Businesses Adopt Oracle Database@Azure Worldwide

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Major global businesses like Conduent, Vodafone, and Voya Financial are adopting Oracle Database@Azure to accelerate their cloud migrations. Oracle Database@Azure is now available in three regions worldwide with plans for 12 more by the end of 2024. Conduent streamlined transaction processing, Voya Financial delivers fast and secure services, and new solutions for disaster recovery and high availability are now available.
Principali aziende globali come Conduent, Vodafone e Voya Financial stanno adottando Oracle Database@Azure per accelerare le loro migrazioni al cloud. Oracle Database@Azure è ora disponibile in tre regioni mondiali, con piani di espansione in altre 12 entro il 2024. Conduent ha ottimizzato l'elaborazione delle transazioni, Voya Financial offre servizi veloci e sicuri, e sono ora disponibili nuove soluzioni per il recupero di disastri e l'alta disponibilità.
Empresas globales importantes como Conduent, Vodafone y Voya Financial están adoptando Oracle Database@Azure para acelerar sus migraciones a la nube. Oracle Database@Azure ya está disponible en tres regiones a nivel mundial, con planes de expandirse a 12 más para finales de 2024. Conduent ha optimizado el procesamiento de transacciones, Voya Financial ofrece servicios rápidos y seguros, y ahora están disponibles nuevas soluciones para la recuperación ante desastres y alta disponibilidad.
Conduent, Vodafone, Voya Financial 등 주요 글로벌 기업들이 클라우드 이전을 가속화하기 위해 Oracle Database@Azure를 채택하고 있습니다. Oracle Database@Azure는 현재 전세계 세 지역에서 사용할 수 있으며, 2024년 말까지 12개 지역으로 확장할 계획입니다. Conduent는 거래 처리를 간소화했으며, Voya Financial은 신속하고 안전한 서비스를 제공하고, 재해 복구와 고가용성을 위한 새로운 솔루션이 이제 제공됩니다.
Des grandes entreprises mondiales telles que Conduent, Vodafone et Voya Financial adoptent Oracle Database@Azure pour accélérer leurs migrations vers le cloud. Oracle Database@Azure est maintenant disponible dans trois régions mondiales, avec des plans d'expansion dans 12 autres d'ici fin 2024. Conduent a rationalisé le traitement des transactions, Voya Financial fournit des services rapides et sécurisés, et de nouvelles solutions pour la récupération après sinistre et la haute disponibilité sont désormais disponibles.
Große globale Unternehmen wie Conduent, Vodafone und Voya Financial setzen Oracle Database@Azure ein, um ihre Cloud-Migrationen zu beschleunigen. Oracle Database@Azure ist jetzt in drei weltweiten Regionen verfügbar, mit Plänen für 12 weitere bis Ende 2024. Conduent hat die Transaktionsverarbeitung optimiert, Voya Financial liefert schnelle und sichere Dienste und neue Lösungen für Katastrophenwiederherstellung und hohe Verfügbarkeit sind jetzt verfügbar.
  • Global businesses are adopting Oracle Database@Azure to enhance cloud migrations.
  • Conduent improved transaction processing by migrating to Oracle Database@Azure.
  • Voya Financial selected Oracle Exadata Database Service for better performance and security.
  • Oracle Database@Azure will be available in more regions globally by the end of 2024.
  • New solutions for disaster recovery and high availability are now offered on Oracle Database@Azure.
  • None.

Powerful cloud database service now available in the U.K., bringing the total to three cloud regions available with 12 more planned

AUSTIN, Texas, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Global businesses across every vertical industry including Conduent, Vodafone, and Voya Financial are adopting Oracle Database@Azure to accelerate their cloud migrations. Oracle Database@Azure delivers all the performance, scale, and availability advantages of Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with the comprehensive application and developer services of Microsoft Azure. It is now available in three regions worldwide, including Azure U.K. South, Germany West Central, and East U.S., and to meet growing demand, Microsoft and Oracle plan to make it available in an additional 12 regions globally by the end of 2024.

Conduent Streamlines Transaction Processing with Oracle Database@Azure
Conduent (NASDAQ: CNDT) delivers digital business solutions and services to its clients and the millions of people who count on them across the commercial, government, and transportation sectors. To modernize its transportation business, which processes millions of toll management and billing transactions per day, Conduent needed a cloud solution that could streamline transaction flows and minimize latency. By migrating its on-premises Oracle Exadata environment to the cloud with Oracle Database@Azure, Conduent has improved application performance and enabled real-time transaction processing. This has helped Conduent meet growing demand for its services and improve the experience it offers to its customers. 

"Our customer base of Fortune 100 companies and more than 600 government and transportation agencies depend on us to help streamline their business processes and end-user interactions, which makes transaction speed a top priority," said Mark Prout, chief technology and information officer, Conduent. "With Oracle Database@Azure, we've been able to leverage cross-cloud low latency to improve application performance and streamline the management of our IT infrastructure. This helps us deliver solutions and services that improve clients' operations, increase efficiencies, reduce costs, and enhance the customer experience."

Voya Financial Delivers Fast and Secure Services with Oracle Database@Azure
Voya Financial, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA) is a leading health, wealth, and investment company that provides products, solutions and technologies to 15.2 million workplace customers. To enhance the experience it provides to its customers and help them achieve better financial outcomes, Voya needed to migrate its complex, process-intensive applications and workloads to the cloud. After careful consideration, Voya selected Oracle Exadata Database Service to provide the performance, stability, and resiliency it needed. With Oracle Exadata Database Service, Voya has been able to advance the delivery of high-performance, low-latency applications to its customers, while helping ensure the security and protection of their data.  

"At Voya, we are focused on accelerating our technology and digital leadership to make it easier to do business with us and to improve the customer experience. This includes providing our customers with fast, reliable, and secure cloud-based capabilities," said Santhosh Keshavan, executive vice president and chief information officer, Voya Financial. "By leveraging Oracle Exadata Database Service, we are now able to achieve the same benefits in the cloud, as well as migrate applications and workloads, so we can continue to react and respond to our customers' needs and ultimately help them achieve their financial goals."

"Customer interest in Oracle Database@Azure underscores that businesses are increasingly seeking the flexibility to leverage best-of-breed solutions in their cloud deployments," said Karan Batta, senior vice president, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. "With Oracle Database@Azure, customers are able to move a wide variety of workloads, including mission critical financial systems and transportation billing systems, to the cloud. As we see global businesses such as Conduent, Vodafone, and Voya Financial adopt Oracle Database@Azure, it is clear that multicloud is the future – and we look forward to continuing to expand Oracle Database@Azure globally to meet this demand."    

"Organizations today want to be able to use cloud solutions that meet their unique needs, which places an emphasis on the choice and flexibility offered by a multicloud approach," said Brett Tanzer, vice president, Microsoft. "By partnering with Oracle to make Oracle Database@Azure available in more regions around the world, we are empowering our mutual customers to harness the combined value of Microsoft and Oracle to accelerate their journeys to the cloud." 

New solutions and certifications to help businesses leverage disaster recovery and high availability on Oracle Database@Azure are now available. This includes the industry standard Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Silver and Gold levels, the leading data replication service Oracle GoldenGate, and several reference architectures and landing zones to help businesses easily achieve Oracle and Microsoft best practices.

To meet growing customer interest, Oracle Database@Azure will be available in 12 more regions by the end of 2024, including Australia East, Brazil South, Canada Central, France Central, Central India, Italy North, Japan East, Southeast Asia, Sweden Central, Central U.S., South Central U.S., and United Arab Emirates North.

With Oracle Database@Azure running on OCI in Azure datacenters, customers benefit from:

  • Flexible options to simplify and accelerate migrating their Oracle databases to the cloud, including compatibility with proven migration tools such as Oracle Zero-Downtime Migration
  • The highest level of Oracle database performance, scale and availability, along with feature and pricing parity with OCI
  • The simplicity, security and latency of a unified operating environment (datacenter) within Azure
  • Consistency with on-premises deployments of Oracle Database and Oracle Exadata to help reduce the need to rearchitect or refactor solutions
  • The ability to build new cloud-native applications using OCI and Azure technologies, including the rich set of Azure development and AI services
  • Unified customer experience and support from Oracle and Microsoft
  • Simplified purchasing via the Azure Marketplace, and the ability to leverage Oracle and Microsoft licenses, commitments and discount programs
  • The assurance of a unified service and architecture that are tested and supported by two of the most trusted names in the cloud

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Which major global businesses have adopted Oracle Database@Azure?

Conduent, Vodafone, and Voya Financial.

What regions is Oracle Database@Azure currently available in?

Azure U.K. South, Germany West Central, and East U.S.

How many more regions will Oracle Database@Azure be available in by the end of 2024?

12 more regions globally.

How did Conduent benefit from migrating to Oracle Database@Azure?

Improved application performance and real-time transaction processing.

Why did Voya Financial choose Oracle Exadata Database Service?

To provide better performance, stability, and resiliency.

What new solutions are available for disaster recovery and high availability on Oracle Database@Azure?

Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) Silver and Gold levels, Oracle GoldenGate, reference architectures, and landing zones.

What benefits do customers get from Oracle Database@Azure running on OCI in Azure datacenters?

Flexible migration options, high performance, scale, availability, feature and pricing parity with OCI, unified operating environment within Azure, consistency with on-premises deployments, ability to build new cloud-native applications, unified support from Oracle and Microsoft, and simplified purchasing via the Azure Marketplace.

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