Vivid Seats Announces Partnership with Stockperks to Reward Loyal Shareholders and Amplify Retail Ownership

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Vivid Seats (NASDAQ: SEAT) announces a strategic partnership with Stockperks to amplify retail ownership of its stock and offer exclusive perks to shareholders. The collaboration includes a 20% discount code for event tickets and 2,000 Vivid Seats Game Center tokens for shareholders who leverage the Stockperks app. Lawrence Fey, CFO of Vivid Seats, and Agnies Watson, President and Co-Founder of Stockperks, express excitement for the partnership.
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The strategic partnership between Vivid Seats and Stockperks introduces a novel approach to enhance retail investor engagement and loyalty. This initiative is indicative of a growing trend where companies are directly incentivizing shareholders with product-related perks, potentially increasing shareholder retention and stock attractiveness to individual investors. From a market research perspective, the move could signal a shift in how companies in the event ticketing industry engage with their investors, aiming to create a more integrated community of users and shareholders.

By offering discounts and rewards, Vivid Seats not only promotes its platform but also incentivizes stock ownership among its user base. This could lead to a virtuous cycle where increased ownership among users leads to higher brand loyalty, which in turn could drive more consistent revenue streams. The impact on the company's financials could be significant if the strategy succeeds in boosting ticket sales while expanding the investor base. However, the long-term effectiveness of such a strategy will depend on the actual conversion rate of shareholders to active customers and the subsequent impact on the company's bottom line.

The announcement of a partnership with Stockperks is a strategic move that may have a positive impact on Vivid Seats' share price in the short term due to increased investor interest. The provision of exclusive perks to shareholders based on their level of investment is a shareholder value proposition that could differentiate Vivid Seats from competitors in the eyes of retail investors. This strategy may lead to a higher trading volume of SEAT shares as investors seek to capitalize on the benefits offered.

Financially, the costs associated with the discounts and rewards must be carefully weighed against the potential increase in sales and investor base expansion. If the rewards program is calibrated correctly, it could enhance the company's earnings per share (EPS) over time due to increased revenue from both ticket sales and potentially higher share prices. It's crucial to monitor the subsequent quarterly earnings reports to assess the tangible impact of this strategy on the company's profitability and market position.

The partnership leverages behavioral economics by tapping into the psychological connection between ownership and brand loyalty. By rewarding shareholders with discounts and tokens, Vivid Seats is essentially employing a form of gamification to encourage both investment in the company and participation in its core business offerings. This could lead to a shift in consumer behavior where the act of investing is directly linked to personal entertainment and rewards, potentially fostering a new type of brand ambassador.

It is important to analyze the demographics of Vivid Seats' customer base to determine how well-aligned this strategy is with their spending habits and investment interests. The success of such a program hinges on the company's ability to engage and retain its target audience—fans who are both financially savvy and passionate about live events. The key question is whether the perks are sufficiently compelling to influence investment decisions and if they truly enhance the customer experience in a way that reflects positively on the company's reputation and financial health.

CHICAGO, Jan. 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vivid Seats (NASDAQ: SEAT), a leading marketplace that utilizes its technology platform to connect millions of buyers with thousands of ticket sellers across hundreds of thousands of events each year, today announced a strategic partnership with Stockperks, the innovative multi-channel marketplace for retail investors. This collaboration aims to amplify retail ownership of Vivid Seats’ stock while offering exclusive perks and rewards through the Stockperks platform.

Vivid Seats shareholders who leverage the Stockperks app will be entitled to exclusive perks based on their shareholding levels. As part of the partnership, the initial perks will include a 20% discount code for event tickets redeemable in the Vivid Seats app and 2,000 Vivid Seats Game Center tokens to play games to win free tickets.

"We are excited to continue building our retail investor base through this partnership with Stockperks," said Lawrence Fey, CFO of Vivid Seats. "At Vivid Seats, we already reward loyal fans through our industry leading rewards program. With this partnership, we are excited to reward loyal retail shareholders so they can “Experience it Live” as both shareholders and fans.”

Agnies Watson, President and Co-Founder of Stockperks, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, "Vivid Seats has been a trailblazer in connecting fans to live events, and we are thrilled to welcome them to the Stockperks community. By leveraging our platform, Vivid Seats will be able to extend its reach and deepen its connection with retail investors, offering them exciting perks and rewards that resonate with their love for live events. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to transforming how companies connect with their retail investor base."

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About Vivid Seats
Founded in 2001, Vivid Seats is a leading online ticket marketplace committed to becoming the ultimate partner for connecting fans to the live events, artists, and teams they love. Based on the belief that everyone should "Experience It Live," the Chicago-based company provides exceptional value by offering one of the widest selections of events and tickets in North America. Vivid Seats has been chosen as the official ticketing partner by some of the biggest brands in the entertainment industry, including ESPN, New York Post, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Vivid Seats also owns Vivid Picks, a daily fantasy sports app. Through its proprietary software and unique technology, Vivid Seats drives the consumer and business ecosystem for live event ticketing, enabling the power of shared experiences to unite people. Vivid Seats has been recognized by Newsweek as one of America's Best Companies for Customer Service in ticketing.



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About Stockperks
Stockperks is a pioneering marketplace that reimagines the relationship between retail investors and companies. By providing individual investors with the perks of company ownership, Stockperks creates a community of engaged, informed, and loyal shareholders. The platform bridges the gap between companies, brokerages, and investors, revolutionizing how corporations connect with their retail investor base.

The ticker symbol for Vivid Seats is SEAT.

Vivid Seats announced a strategic partnership with Stockperks to amplify retail ownership of its stock and offer exclusive perks to shareholders.

The initial perks include a 20% discount code for event tickets and 2,000 Vivid Seats Game Center tokens for shareholders who leverage the Stockperks app.

Lawrence Fey, CFO of Vivid Seats, and Agnies Watson, President and Co-Founder of Stockperks, expressed excitement for the partnership.
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