TD SYNNEX Launches High-Growth Technology Center of Excellence to Enable Partner Evolution

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TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) has launched a High-Growth Technology Center of Excellence (CoE) aimed at accelerating partners' digital transformation initiatives through AI integration. The CoE offers resources to help partners navigate the rapidly evolving technology landscape, focusing on high-growth areas such as AI, cloud, cybersecurity, data, and modern infrastructure. The initiative includes AI Accelerator Workshops, Practice Builder Experiences, and a High-Growth Solutions Factory. The CoE builds on the Destination AI program and supports AI-driven solutions in security, data, and cloud. As per TD SYNNEX’s 2023 report, there is a 625% increase in AI interest, and IDC forecasts the Digital Transformation Market to reach $2.9 Trillion by 2027.

  • Launch of High-Growth Technology Center of Excellence aimed at accelerating digital transformation.
  • Comprehensive resources including AI Accelerator Workshops and Practice Builder Experiences.
  • Focus on high-growth technologies: AI, cloud, cybersecurity, data, and modern infrastructure.
  • 625% increase in AI interest among partners compared to the previous year.
  • Supports existing Destination AI program, enhancing AI-driven solutions.
  • Projections of a $2.9 Trillion Digital Transformation Market by 2027 by IDC.
  • No specific financial data or projections provided for the Center of Excellence.
  • Possible high costs involved in developing and maintaining the CoE infrastructure may impact profitability.
  • Dependence on partners' ability to adopt and integrate new technologies might pose a risk.

New resource hub created to accelerate partner growth through AI integration across the business

FREMONT, Calif. & CLEARWATER, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- TD SYNNEX (NYSE: SNX) has launched a High-Growth Technology Center of Excellence (CoE) to accelerate their partners’ ability to tackle increasingly complex digital transformation initiatives. This new CoE offers a comprehensive suite of offerings to expand out partners’ business by aiding them in embracing the rapid rate of evolution within the industry to become a “Partner of the Future” that successfully integrates AI across the high-growth technologies of cloud, cybersecurity, data and modern infrastructure.

According to TD SYNNEX’s 2023 Direction of Technology report, the top five solutions that partners plan to offer over the next two years are Artificial Intelligence (AI), security, hybrid cloud, modern infrastructure, and data analytics. While AI is seeing the most significant jump, (625% increase from the previous year’s survey), TD SYNNEX sees the greatest opportunity for partners who are driving digital transformation not just through one category, but through the convergence of these high-growth technologies across security, modern infrastructure, cloud, data analytics and AI.

"As AI continues to rapidly transform the technology ecosystem, it is challenging our partners to diversify their portfolios, hone new skills and develop unique expertise," said Lisa McGarvey, Vice President of Data, IoT and AI, North America at TD SYNNEX. "We see the ‘Partner of the Future’ as one who is ready for that challenge and understands how these technologies must be woven together. With the launch of the Center of Excellence, TD SYNNEX is well-equipped to transform our partners with differentiated value and services to compete in this ever-evolving market landscape.”

The High-Growth Technology CoE supports the efforts of Destination AI, launched last year to help partners initiate or expand their AI practice. This new resource empowers vendor and reseller partners to embrace strategic technologies and adjacent opportunities that AI is driving in the areas of security, data, modern infrastructure and cloud solutions. Key components of the CoE include:

  • Practice Builder Experiences and AI Accelerator Workshops focused on collaborating with partners to assist them in building their own digital transformation practices and to identify AI opportunities across the high-growth technology segments and accelerate their path to revenue.
  • High-Growth Solutions Factory focused on aggregated AI solutions that incorporate security, cloud, modern infrastructure, and data analytics, allowing partners to rapidly adopt TD SYNNEX’s ISV ecosystem into their portfolios to solve their end users’ business challenges.
  • Cyber Range that sits at the intersection of cybersecurity and AI. Partners can engage with experts to hone their security skills and take advantage of demos and proofs of concept in the live, evolving environment of TD SYNNEX’s Innovation Labs.
  • New AI Services across and assessments that fill the much-needed gap in data scientists and data engineers and to assist with identifying and accelerating end-user opportunities for channel partners to leverage in service of their customers.
  • Cloud Marketplace offerings that allow partners and vendors to co-sell and transaction in marketplaces to support changing market dynamics.
  • Governance Frameworks that are led by experts who consult with partners and vendors to understand the impact of AI on key areas like FinOps.

IDC predicts that the Digital Transformation Market is poised to grow to $2.9 Trillion by 2027. The Center of Excellence, which is initially launching in North America, helps to engage, transform and scale partners businesses, allowing them to fully participate in this rapidly growing market.

“Through their investments in the key areas of AI, TD SYNNEX is able to help us grow our own AI business because we are able to share information on the emerging solutions with our customers and rely on TD SYNNEX to provide validation,” shared Stan Wysocki, President of Mark III, a TD SYNNEX partner. “Partners are in different stages of maturity when it comes to these technologies, and TD SYNNEX has capacity to meet them where they are, offer value and simultaneously help partners innovate at speed, differentiate, and meet their customers’ business needs.”

To learn more, visit to become a Partner of the Future.


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What is TD SYNNEX's High-Growth Technology Center of Excellence?

The High-Growth Technology Center of Excellence is a new initiative by TD SYNNEX to accelerate digital transformation for partners through AI and other high-growth technologies.

What are the key focus areas of TD SYNNEX's Center of Excellence?

The key focus areas are Artificial Intelligence (AI), cloud, cybersecurity, data, and modern infrastructure.

How has interest in AI changed according to TD SYNNEX's 2023 report?

Interest in AI has increased by 625% compared to the previous year's survey.

What are some components of TD SYNNEX's High-Growth Technology Center of Excellence?

Components include AI Accelerator Workshops, Practice Builder Experiences, and a High-Growth Solutions Factory.

What is the projected value of the Digital Transformation Market by 2027?

IDC predicts the Digital Transformation Market will grow to $2.9 Trillion by 2027.

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