VTEX's Live Shopping App Drives 300% Revenue Increase for Fashion Brand PatBO

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PatBO sees 300% increase in ecommerce revenue following live shopping session at New York Fashion Week
  • PatBO experienced a 300% increase in ecommerce revenue following a live shopping session at New York Fashion Week
  • During the live broadcast, PatBO received 16,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments
  • The average order value increased by 79% and the number of orders placed on the ecommerce increased by 125% during the broadcast
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More than nine thousand people tuned in live to watch the New York Fashion Week show and buy pieces from the Brazilian brand's Summer 2024 collection directly from the catwalk

Brands can increase order volume up to 125% with VTEX Live Shopping App 

NEW YORK, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- PatBO, a women's fashion brand founded by the designer Patrícia Bonaldi, saw a 300% increase in its ecommerce revenue* on Saturday, September 9, following a Live Shopping session in partnership with VTEX, the global enterprise digital commerce platform. During the livestream, more than nine thousand people watched the live presentation of the Summer 2024 collection directly from the New York Fashion Week catwalk. For the first time, customers were able to buy the pieces directly from the launch.

Brands can increase order volume up to 125% with VTEX Live Shopping App   

During the 20 minute live broadcast, which used the VTEX Live Shopping App, PatBO received 16,000 likes* and more than 1,000 comments*, showing the power of this feature to reinforce brand strength and customer loyalty.

"The public engagement during live shopping sessions results in significant increases in sales for brands. In addition to the 300% increase in revenue*, PatBO recorded a 79% increase in the average order value* and a 125% increase in the number of orders placed on the ecommerce* during the broadcast of its New York Fashion Week show, compared to Saturdays without a live broadcast shopping," said Daniela Jurado, executive vice-president at VTEX North America.

"I have always been passionate about the union of technology and fashion. We believe Live Shopping is a powerful way to get closer to our customers, personalizing the shopping experience through interaction with our team," said Patrícia Bonaldi, founder and creative director of PatBO. "Alongside VTEX, being a pioneer in this Live Shopping experience allows us to offer a really immersive experience to our customers with New York Fashion Week, as well as enabling pre-sales of all products shown on the catwalk."

VTEX's Solution

VTEX's native Live Shopping solution allows to boost sales while increasing the average consumer online session time by five fold. It also helps participants interact directly with product experts, generating more immersive experiences from in-person shopping to the digital world. In Live Shopping, brands can monitor the performance of live events with metrics like number of participants, how many products were added to carts, average order value, likes, shares and more. This insight into consumer behavior and preferences allows brands and retailers to better optimize their range of products and continually improve upon their end-user experience, creating greater engagement and increasing conversion by up to 30% during live shopping events.

The VTEX Live Shopping App is also available and fully functional for brands and retailers using digital commerce platforms other than VTEX. Brands like Adidas, Samsung, Sony and many others have also engaged on VTEX Live Shopping by doing a simple set-up to their current ecommerce.

PatBO Summer 2024 collection

"Tropicália", the summer collection from PatBO, the only Brazilian brand on the official New York Fashion Week calendar, is inspired by the seventies and celebrates the fusion between the brand's exquisite artisanal skills and the vibrancy of the decade. Each piece transports the artisanal expertise back to the seventies, highlighting the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterize PatBO's signature style and highlights the power of Brazilian creativity and the ability to tell narratives through fashion design.

About VTEX

VTEX (NYSE: VTEX) is the enterprise digital commerce platform where forward-thinking CEOs and CIOs smarten up their investments. Our composable and complete platform helps brands and retailers modernize their stack and reduce maintenance costs by rapidly migrating from legacy systems, connecting their entire value chain, and making inventory and fulfillment their strength.

As a leader in digital commerce, VTEX is trusted by more than 2,600 B2C and B2B customers, including Carrefour, Colgate, Motorola, Sony, Stanley Black & Decker, and Whirlpool, having over 3,400 active online stores across 38 countries (as of FY ended on December 31, 2022). For more information, visit

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