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Climb Channel Solutions, a subsidiary of Climb Global Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLMB), partners with Global Technologies to enhance diversity and inclusion in the IT distribution market. This strategic alliance aims to offer a wide range of emerging technologies, benefit vendors, resellers, and MSPs, and drive digital transformation. The partnership expands Global Technologies' reach globally and emphasizes the importance of diverse perspectives in business. Climb Channel Solutions and Global Technologies plan to revolutionize the IT distribution landscape through innovation and inclusivity.
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The partnership between Climb Channel Solutions and Global Technologies represents a strategic move to enhance their position within the IT distribution marketplace. By leveraging Climb's extensive line card and Global Technologies' focus on diversity and business inclusion, the alliance is expected to broaden the product and service offerings available to clients. This could lead to an expansion of market share and potentially increased revenues for both entities.

From a market research perspective, this alliance is tapping into the growing demand for diverse and inclusive technology solutions. The collaboration could drive innovation by combining different perspectives, which is particularly valuable in the tech industry where the pace of change is rapid. Additionally, the expanded geographical reach suggests an aggressive growth strategy that could benefit from the increasing globalization of IT needs.

Financially, the partnership is likely to be scrutinized for its impact on Climb Global Solutions, Inc.'s bottom line, given its NASDAQ-listed status. Investors will be interested in the potential revenue growth and cost synergies that might result from the partnership. The immediate expansion of Global Technologies’ reach could result in increased sales volumes and market penetration. However, the costs associated with integrating the offerings and entering new markets should not be overlooked.

Long-term financial implications may include the need for continuous investment in product development and marketing to maintain a competitive edge in the emerging IT distribution markets. The partnership's success will hinge on its ability to effectively integrate and leverage each company's strengths to achieve economies of scale and drive profitability.

The strategic alliance also highlights the increasing importance of diversity and inclusion within the business landscape. As businesses recognize the value of diverse perspectives in driving innovation, partnerships like this could become more common. The involvement of a minority-owned business like Global Technologies may enhance the corporate image of Climb Channel Solutions, potentially attracting a broader customer base and talent pool.

This focus on diversity is not just a social good but also a business imperative. Research has shown that diverse companies are more likely to outperform their less diverse peers. Therefore, this partnership could provide a competitive advantage by fostering an inclusive environment that is conducive to creative problem-solving and accessing a wider range of market insights.

Setting The Stage for Diversity and Inclusion in the Emerging IT Distribution Marketplace

EATONTOWN, N.J., Feb. 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Climb Channel Solutions, an international specialty technology distributor and wholly owned subsidiary of Climb Global Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLMB) announces partnership with Global Technologies, a premier business and information technology company committed to empowering customers to unlock, expand, and accelerate the value of their digital assets.

This strategic alliance marks a significant milestone for both Climb Channel Solutions and Global Technologies. By joining forces, the two companies aim to create a diverse and robust offering in the IT channel regarding emerging technologies and markets that will not only benefit their vendors, resellers, and managed service providers (MSPs) but will also have a profound impact on both companies.

The Climb Channel Solutions and Global Technologies partnership focuses on creating a significant impact on business inclusion in the emerging distribution market. In an industry where innovation thrives on varied perspective and opportunities, this collaboration is poised to be a game-changer and a disruptor in distribution.

The significance of this partnership extends beyond the expansion of products, services offerings, and selling territories. The need for solutions provided by diverse voices and perspectives is critical for digital transformation and enabling our customers to scale and grow. As a minority owned business Global Technologies adds a valuable and crucial dimension to Climb Channel Solutions offerings.

Climb’s global presence in distribution and extensive line card with over 100 emerging brands will significantly increase Global Technologies’ offerings to their clients. This partnership will immediately expand Global Technologies’ reach from North America, LATAM, and beyond to the UK, EMEA and beyond.

"When I saw how committed Global Technologies is to exceeding customer expectations and how they deliver client first solutions I knew this was going to be a great partnership," says Dale Foster, CEO at Climb Channel Solutions. "Combining our high touch business practices, increasing our offerings, and specifically providing an innovative and diverse marketplace. This partnership will allow both companies to reach a wider audience with our vendor partners along with additional technology solutions for our customers.

"I am very pleased to announce our partnership with Climb Channel Solutions. This collaboration symbolizes the strategic importance of business inclusion, as it brings together our unique perspectives, agility, and innovation with the global reach, resources, and expertise of our esteemed partner,” says Eric Kelly, Chairman at Global Technologies. “Together, we will redefine the landscape of IT distribution, create opportunities for underrepresented communities worldwide, drive innovation, empower businesses, and leave an indelible mark on the IT industry."

Those interested in learning more about how to expand your business with the Climb Channel Solutions and Global Technologies partnership should contact Michael Bernstein at Climb by phone at +1.800.847.7078 Ext. 7245, or by email at

Those interested in distribution services and solutions should contact Climb by phone at +1.800.847.7078 (US), or +1.888.523.7777 (Canada), or by email at

About Climb Channel Solutions and Climb Global Solutions

Climb Channel Solutions is a global specialty IT distributor for emerging technology vendors with solutions for Security, Data Management, Connectivity, Storage & HCI, Virtualization & Cloud and Software & ALM. Climb provides vendors access to thousands of VARs, MSPs, CSPs and other resellers. Climb holds an IT-70 GSA contract vehicle that provides resellers and vendors with a competitive edge within the Public Sector. Climb is a wholly owned subsidiary of Climb Global Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ: CLMB). Read more at, call 1- 800-847-7078, and follow us on LinkedIn.

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About Global Technologies

Global Technologies is a leading minority-owned IT distribution company dedicated to providing emerging technology solutions and services. Global Technologies specializes in a wide range of IT products, software, and serves businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies with a strong commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and equality in business. Founded with the vision of bridging the digital divide, the company aims to empower underrepresented communities by providing them with cutting-edge technology to thrive in today's rapidly changing digital landscape. With decades of industry experience, a robust network of trusted suppliers, and a team of exceptional professionals, Global Technologies’ comprehensive IT solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of its diverse client base. Learn more at or call 1-877-503-6848.

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The ticker symbol for Climb Global Solutions, Inc. is CLMB.

Dale Foster is the CEO of Climb Channel Solutions.

The partnership aims to enhance diversity and inclusion in the IT distribution market, offer emerging technologies, and drive digital transformation.

The partnership will provide a diverse and robust offering in the IT channel, benefiting vendors, resellers, and MSPs by expanding product and service offerings.

Global Technologies will expand its reach from North America, LATAM, and beyond to the UK, EMEA, and beyond through this partnership.
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