FinVolution's Philippines Subsidiary Cooperates with Maya Bank, Boosting Credit Accessibility

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On June 20, 2024, FinVolution Group (NYSE: FINV) announced that its subsidiaries, Wefund Lending and Lightning Financing Company, have entered into a loan facilitation agreement with Maya Bank in the Philippines. The agreement, worth 2.75 billion Peso (US$47.5 million), aims to enhance credit accessibility for unbanked and underserved communities. JuanHand, an online lending platform under Wefund, will play a significant role in this initiative. The partnership aligns with FinVolution's strategy to expand its services and foster financial inclusion in the Philippines.

  • Entered a 2.75 billion Peso (US$47.5 million) loan facilitation agreement with Maya Bank.
  • Partnership aims to increase credit accessibility for unbanked and underserved communities in the Philippines.
  • Expands FinVolution's service offerings and potential for future collaborations in the Philippines.
  • JuanHand, with 6 million registered users, will serve as the main platform for this initiative.
  • None.

FinVolution's partnership with Maya Bank is a significant development, particularly in the context of the Philippines' financial market. By facilitating a loan agreement worth 2.75 billion Peso (US$47.5 million), FinVolution is enhancing its market presence and diversifying its revenue streams. This move aligns with its strategy to expand in emerging markets and foster financial inclusion.

From a financial perspective, this partnership could potentially improve FinVolution's earnings stability and growth. The new loan facilitation agreement will likely increase the volume of loans processed through FinVolution's platforms, boosting its fee income. Moreover, the collaboration with a recognized digital bank like Maya Bank could enhance FinVolution's brand reputation and customer trust, leading to higher user engagement and retention.

However, investors should also consider the potential risks. The financial performance of such ventures is often dependent on the economic stability and regulatory environment of the country. Philippines' financial market has its own set of challenges, including higher default rates among the unbanked and underserved populations. Therefore, while the partnership brings promising opportunities, it also comes with inherent risks that need to be managed carefully.

In the short term, this news might positively affect FinVolution's stock price due to the increased investor confidence and market expansion. In the long term, the actual impact will depend on the successful execution and realization of projected benefits.

Evaluating the market potential, FinVolution's collaboration with Maya Bank taps into a compelling demographic—around 6 million registered users on JuanHand, an online lending platform. This partnership is a strategic move to capitalize on the growing demand for digital financial services in the Philippines, a country where a significant portion of the population remains unbanked or underbanked.

The partnership is likely to enhance the accessibility of financial services, potentially boosting both user acquisition and retention rates for FinVolution. The Philippines' digital banking sector is evolving rapidly, with increasing smartphone penetration and internet usage. FinVolution's tech-empowered cash lending solutions cater to a significant need in the market, positioning the company favorably against competitors.

However, market competition could pose a challenge. The fintech landscape is competitive, with multiple players vying for market share. FinVolution's ability to leverage its partnership with Maya Bank effectively and differentiate its service offerings will be important in maintaining its competitive edge.

Moreover, regulatory changes in the fintech sector could impact operational dynamics. Investors should keep an eye on policy developments that could affect the scalability and profitability of such partnerships.

SHANGHAI, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- FinVolution Group ("FinVolution," or the "Company") (NYSE: FINV), a leading fintech platform, today announced that its Philippines financial subsidiaries Wefund Lending Corporation and Lightning Financing Company entered into a loan facilitation agreement totaling 2.75 billion Peso (US$47.5 million) with Maya Bank, a pioneering digital bank dedicated to empowering the experience of its consumers and enterprise clients, and improve credit accessibility for the unbanked and underserved communities in the Philippines.

JuanHand, an online lending platform with around 6 million registered users under Wefund Lending Corporation emerged as the preferred online platform for tech-empowered cash lending and other financial solutions among Filipinos. This strategic partnership expands FinVolution's service offerings in the Philippines and advances the Company's mission of connecting underserved borrowers with financial institutions. It will also open avenues for more extensive future collaborations, creating opportunities to broaden the Company's reach in the Philippines through tech and funding innovation.

Mr. Tiezheng Li, Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of FinVolution Group, commented, "In line with our Local Focus, Global Outlook strategy, FinVolution is proud to foster economic and digital development in the Philippines through this strategic partnership. Together, JuanHand and Maya Bank will enhance credit accessibility nationwide, marking a significant milestone in our efforts to promote financial inclusion and empowerment. We are confident this partnership will pave the way to a brighter and more financially secure future for underserved communities throughout the Philippines."

Mr. Angelo Madrid, President of Maya Bank said, "We are proud to work with WeFund, and this initiative is a powerful step in getting more Filipinos banked through technology. This joint effort significantly expands the financial options available for borrowers, helping to promote better financial health, especially among the unbanked and underserved."

About FinVolution Group

FinVolution Group is a leading fintech platform with strong brand recognition in China and the international markets connecting borrowers of the young generation with financial institutions. Established in 2007, the Company is a pioneer in China's online consumer finance industry and has developed innovative technologies and accumulated in-depth experience in the core areas of credit risk assessment, fraud detection, big data and artificial intelligence. The Company's platforms, empowered by proprietary cutting-edge technologies, feature a highly automated loan transaction process, which enables a superior user experience. As of March 31, 2024, the Company had over 185.5 million cumulative registered users across China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

About Maya Bank

Maya Bank, Inc. (Maya Bank) powers the digital banking experience of consumers and enterprises across the Maya family of products, including Maya all-in-one app, Maya Business, and Maya Center. As a pioneering digital bank, it is transforming how money works for Filipino consumers and MSMEs, through innovative and relevant financial services, including savings, deposits, and credit via Maya.

Maya Bank is the digital banking arm of Maya Innovations, the leading technology company in the Philippines. With Maya Philippines, it is creating Maya, the Philippines' only end-to-end digital financial services platform.

Maya Bank is a digital bank supervised by the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas (BSP). Deposits are insured by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC) up to ₱500,000 per depositor. For more information, visit

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What is the new partnership announced by FinVolution (NYSE: FINV)?

FinVolution's subsidiaries Wefund Lending and Lightning Financing Company have entered a loan facilitation agreement with Maya Bank worth 2.75 billion Peso (US$47.5 million).

How will the partnership between FinVolution and Maya Bank impact credit accessibility?

The partnership aims to improve credit accessibility for unbanked and underserved communities in the Philippines.

What is the role of JuanHand in the FinVolution and Maya Bank partnership?

JuanHand, an online lending platform with 6 million registered users, will be the primary platform for tech-empowered cash lending and other financial solutions.

How much is the loan facilitation agreement between FinVolution and Maya Bank worth?

The loan facilitation agreement between FinVolution and Maya Bank is valued at 2.75 billion Peso (US$47.5 million).

What is FinVolution's strategy in expanding its services in the Philippines?

FinVolution's strategy focuses on local economic and digital development through partnerships that enhance credit accessibility and financial inclusion for underserved communities.

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