Auxilio Mutuo Hospital Selects Oracle Health's EHR to Improve Patient Experience

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Auxilio Mutuo Hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has chosen Oracle Health's EHR system to enhance patient care and streamline billing processes. The partnership aims to improve coordination among care teams, communication with patients, and revenue generation. Oracle Health's RevElate Patient Accounting system will automate billing operations, offering a more transparent view of clinical and financial data.
L'ospedale Auxilio Mutuo di San Juan, Porto Rico, ha scelto il sistema EHR di Oracle Health per migliorare l'assistenza ai pazienti e ottimizzare i processi di fatturazione. La partnership mira a migliorare il coordinamento tra i team di cura, la comunicazione con i pazienti e la generazione di entrate. Il sistema di contabilità pazienti RevElate di Oracle Health automatizzerà le operazioni di fatturazione, offrendo una visione più trasparente dei dati clinici e finanziari.
El Hospital Auxilio Mutuo en San Juan, Puerto Rico, ha elegido el sistema EHR de Oracle Health para mejorar la atención al paciente y agilizar los procesos de facturación. La asociación tiene como objetivo mejorar la coordinación entre los equipos de atención, la comunicación con los pacientes y la generación de ingresos. El sistema de contabilidad de pacientes RevElate de Oracle Health automatizará las operaciones de facturación, proporcionando una visión más transparente de los datos clínicos y financieros.
산 후안, 푸에르토 리코에 있는 오실리오 무투오 병원은 환자 치료를 향상시키고 청구 과정을 간소화하기 위해 오라클 헬스의 EHR 시스템을 선택했습니다. 이 파트너십은 치료 팀 간의 협조, 환자와의 소통, 수익 창출을 개선하는 것을 목표로 합니다. 오라클 헬스의 RevElate 환자 회계 시스템은 청구 작업을 자동화하여 임상 및 재무 데이터의 투명한 보기를 제공할 것입니다.
L'Hôpital Auxilio Mutuo de San Juan, à Porto Rico, a choisi le système EHR d'Oracle Health pour améliorer les soins aux patients et rationaliser les processus de facturation. Le partenariat vise à améliorer la coordination entre les équipes de soins, la communication avec les patients et la génération de revenus. Le système de comptabilité patient RevElate d'Oracle Health automatisera les opérations de facturation, offrant une vue plus transparente des données cliniques et financières.
Das Auxilio Mutuo Krankenhaus in San Juan, Puerto Rico, hat das EHR-System von Oracle Health gewählt, um die Patientenversorgung zu verbessern und Abrechnungsprozesse zu optimieren. Die Partnerschaft zielt darauf ab, die Koordination unter den Pflegeteams, die Kommunikation mit den Patienten und die Erzielung von Einnahmen zu verbessern. Das RevElate Patientenabrechnungssystem von Oracle Health wird die Abrechnungsvorgänge automatisieren und einen transparenteren Überblick über klinische und finanzielle Daten bieten.
  • Auxilio Mutuo Hospital selects Oracle Health's EHR to enhance patient care and streamline billing processes
  • Oracle Health's RevElate Patient Accounting system will automate billing processes and provide a transparent view of clinical and financial data
  • The partnership aims to improve coordination among care teams and communication with patients
  • Auxilio Mutuo's decision to upgrade its EHR system reflects a commitment to leveraging technology for better healthcare outcomes
  • None.

Adds Oracle Health RevElate to help boost operational efficiency and streamline billing processes across the hospital

AUSTIN, Texas, April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Auxilio Mutuo Hospital, an academic, private non-profit hospital in San Juan, Puerto Rico, has selected Oracle Health's electronic health record (EHR) to provide clinicians and staff with a comprehensive, simplified view of a patient's health information. The new system is designed to help Auxilio Mutuo create a better patient experience by increasing coordination across care teams and improving communications between clinicians and patients. Auxilio Mutuo is also adding Oracle Health's RevElate Patient Accounting to help automate its entire billing process and bring together a more convenient, transparent view of clinical and financial information.  

"With the ever-changing healthcare environment, we need a vendor that matches Auxilio Mutuo's clinical experience and offers a robust electronic health records system," said Jorge L. Matta-Serrano, executive director, Auxilio Mutuo. "Oracle is the right partner to help us transform the way we deliver care and increase revenue in the future."

Oracle Health's first customer in Puerto Rico, Auxilio Mutuo was one of the first health systems on the island to successfully implement an EHR more than a decade ago, but they needed to upgrade the system to address some of the region's biggest challenges. In recent years, Puerto Rico has lived under threat of natural disasters. For example, Hurricane Fiona made landfall in September 2022—just five years after Hurricane Maria devastated the island—causing a widespread loss of access to clean water and power.

As the health system continues to rebuild and expand, its new Oracle Health EHR will provide a stable and secure system to help Auxilio Mutuo's care teams make more informed decisions when it matters most. The EHR can also reduce administrative tasks to help drive efficiency while helping improve patient care and experiences.

"Auxilio Mutuo provides a textbook example of how strategic technology deployments and innovation can enhance the clinician and patient experience with the goal to ultimately help improve health and financial outcomes," said Seema Verma, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Health and Oracle Life Sciences. "Oracle Health's modern, open, and connected technology helps hospitals and health systems like Auxilio Mutuo overcome some of their most complex challenges, supports their caregivers in spending more time with patients, and aids in reducing administrative tasks."

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About Auxilio Mutuo
Auxilio Mutuo Hospital is a general and specialized services, private, non-profit institution that has been providing healthcare services to the population of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean for 140 years. The Hospital has over 2,000 employees, and more than 500 physicians as part of the medical staff. Some of the services provided to the community include Auxilio Cardiovascular Center, Auxilio Cancer Center, Auxilio Radiotherapy Center, Auxilio Transplant Center, Auxilio Bone Marrow Transplant and Cellular Therapy, Auxilio Specialized Rehabilitation Unit, Auxilio Sleep Disorders Center, among others. Visit us at

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What EHR system has Auxilio Mutuo Hospital selected to improve patient care?

Auxilio Mutuo Hospital has chosen Oracle Health's EHR system.

What is the purpose of adding Oracle Health's RevElate Patient Accounting to Auxilio Mutuo Hospital?

The purpose of adding Oracle Health's RevElate Patient Accounting is to automate billing processes and provide a transparent view of clinical and financial data.

Who is the executive director of Auxilio Mutuo Hospital?

Jorge L. Matta-Serrano is the executive director of Auxilio Mutuo Hospital.

When did Hurricane Fiona make landfall in Puerto Rico?

Hurricane Fiona made landfall in September 2022.

What challenges did Puerto Rico face in recent years?

Puerto Rico faced natural disasters like Hurricane Fiona and Hurricane Maria, leading to loss of access to clean water and power.

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