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Energy Fuels announced the election of ten directors at its annual and special meeting of shareholders held virtually on June 11, 2024. The elected directors include J. Birks Bovaird, Mark S. Chalmers, Benjamin Eshleman III, Ivy V. Estabrooke, Barbara A. Filas, Bruce D. Hansen, Jacqueline Herrera, Dennis L. Higgs, Robert W. Kirkwood, and Alexander G. Morrison. Votes in favor ranged from 91.23% to 97.65%.

Energy Fuels is a leading U.S.-based company specializing in uranium and critical minerals, including rare earth elements. The company operates key production centers like the White Mesa Mill and Nichols Ranch ISR Project, and has recently expanded into REE production. It also holds significant uranium resource portfolios and is exploring further mineral recovery projects globally.

  • Election of all ten directors with high approval rates, ranging from 91.23% to 97.65%.
  • Strong support for CEO Mark S. Chalmers with 95.06% votes in favor.
  • Company's expansion into rare earth element (REE) production, starting commercial quantities in 2024.
  • Recent acquisitions and joint ventures in Brazil and Australia to develop projects with significant quantities of critical minerals.
  • Holds two key uranium production centers in the U.S. and the only operating conventional uranium mill.
  • Evaluating recovery of radionuclides for emerging cancer treatments, showing diversification in operations.
  • No immediate financial or operational performance data provided in the PR.
  • Potential risks in new ventures in Brazil and Australia, which are in initial stages of development.
  • Standby status of the Nichols Ranch ISR Project indicates underutilized capacity.

LAKEWOOD, Colo., June 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ - Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU) (TSX: EFR) ("Energy Fuels" or the "Company"), a leading U.S.-based critical minerals company, announces the results of the election of directors at its annual and special meeting of shareholders (the "Meeting") held virtually on June 11, 2024.

The ten (10) nominees proposed by management for election as directors were elected by the shareholders of the Company, through a combination of votes by proxy and electronic poll, as follows:


Votes For

% For

Votes Withheld or

% Withheld or

J. Birks Bovaird


91.23 %


8.77 %

Mark S. Chalmers


95.06 %


4.94 %

Benjamin Eshleman III


95.96 %


4.04 %

Ivy V. Estabrooke


94.85 %


5.15 %

Barbara A. Filas


94.54 %


5.46 %

Bruce D. Hansen


96.46 %


3.54 %

Jaqueline Herrera


94.50 %


5.50 %

Dennis L. Higgs


97.25 %


2.75 %

Robert W. Kirkwood


96.14 %


3.86 %

Alexander G. Morrison


97.65 %


2.35 %

About Energy Fuels: Energy Fuels is a leading U.S.-based uranium and critical minerals company. The Company, as a leading producer of uranium in the United States, mines uranium and produces natural uranium concentrates that are sold to major nuclear utilities for the production of carbon-free nuclear energy. Energy Fuels recently began production of advanced rare earth element ("REE") materials, including mixed REE carbonate in 2021, and commenced production of commercial quantities of separated REEs in 2024. Energy Fuels also produces vanadium from certain of its projects, as market conditions warrant, and is evaluating the recovery of radionuclides needed for emerging cancer treatments. Its corporate offices are in Lakewood, Colorado, near Denver, and substantially all its assets and employees are in the United States. Energy Fuels holds two of America's key uranium production centers: the White Mesa Mill in Utah and the Nichols Ranch in-situ recovery ("ISR") Project in Wyoming. The White Mesa Mill is the only conventional uranium mill operating in the U.S. today, has a licensed capacity of over 8 million pounds of U3O8 per year and has the ability to produce vanadium when market conditions warrant, as well as REE products, from various uranium-bearing ores. The Nichols Ranch ISR Project is on standby and has a licensed capacity of 2 million pounds of U3O8 per year. The Company recently acquired the Bahia Project in Brazil and entered into a joint venture agreement to develop the Donald Project in Australia, each of which is believed to have significant quantities of titanium (ilmenite and rutile), zirconium (zircon) and REE (monazite) minerals. In addition to the above production facilities, Energy Fuels also has one of the largest NI 43-101 compliant uranium resource portfolios in the U.S. and several uranium and uranium/vanadium mining projects in production, on standby and in various stages of permitting and development. The primary trading market for Energy Fuels' common shares is the NYSE American under the trading symbol "UUUU," and the Company's common shares are also listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the trading symbol "EFR." Energy Fuels' website is

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When was the Energy Fuels election of directors held?

The election of directors was held virtually on June 11, 2024.

What is the voting percentage for the elected directors of Energy Fuels?

The voting percentages for the elected directors ranged from 91.23% to 97.65%.

What are the key production centers of Energy Fuels?

Energy Fuels' key production centers include the White Mesa Mill in Utah and the Nichols Ranch ISR Project in Wyoming.

What new projects has Energy Fuels recently acquired?

Energy Fuels recently acquired the Bahia Project in Brazil and entered into a joint venture agreement to develop the Donald Project in Australia.

What stock symbol does Energy Fuels trade under?

Energy Fuels trades under the stock symbol 'UUUU' on the NYSE American and 'EFR' on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

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