Viasat Releases Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Results

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Viasat (NASDAQ: VSAT) announced its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024 financial results on May 21, 2024. The full letter to shareholders is available on their Investor Relations website. A conference call will be held on the same day at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time / 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time to discuss the results. Participants can dial in using the numbers provided or listen to the live webcast. The call will also be archived on the website for one month following the event.

  • Viasat has published its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024 financial results, providing transparency to shareholders.
  • The company will host a conference call to discuss the financial results, showing a commitment to open communication.
  • The conference call will be archived, allowing investors to access the information at their convenience.
  • The press release does not provide specific financial data such as earnings, revenue, or EPS, which are important for investor analysis.
  • Absence of detailed financial results in the press release may create uncertainty among investors.
  • Lack of forward-looking guidance or strategic insights could lead to investor skepticism regarding future performance.

Viasat's fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024 financial results provide key insights into the company's performance over the past year.

Revenue and Earnings: Investors should closely examine revenue growth or decline as well as earnings per share (EPS). These figures can indicate the company's profitability and operational efficiency. It's important to compare these results to both previous quarters and industry benchmarks. Look for any statements about year-over-year changes and any specific drivers of these changes.

Cash Flow: Cash flow statements will reveal how well Viasat is managing its cash. Positive cash flow can indicate healthy operations, while negative cash flow might raise concerns about liquidity.

Debt and Financing: Examine the company's debt levels and any recent funding activities. High debt ratios can be a red flag, but if the company is servicing its debt effectively and using the funds to fuel growth, it may not be a major issue.

In the short term, any significant changes in these areas might impact the stock price as investors react to the new information. Long-term implications depend on how these financial metrics align with the company's strategic goals and market position.

Viasat's role as a global leader in satellite communications puts it in a unique position within the tech industry. Investors should pay attention to any mentions of technological advancements or new product deployments that could drive future growth.

Satellite Network Capacity and Efficiency: Details about network capacity and efficiency can indicate how well Viasat is leveraging its technology to meet customer demands. High capacity and efficient operations can lead to better service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Competition and Market Position: It's important to understand where Viasat stands in comparison to its competitors. Any technological edge or disadvantage could significantly impact market share and growth prospects.

For retail investors, understanding these technical aspects can highlight the company's potential for sustained growth and innovation in the long term.

CARLSBAD, Calif., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Viasat, Inc. (NASDAQ: VSAT), a global leader in satellite communications, today published its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024 financial results in a letter to shareholders, which is now posted to the Investor Relations section of the website.

As previously announced, Viasat will host a conference call today, Tuesday, May 21, 2024 at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time / 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time. The dial in numbers for the conference are U.S. (800) 715-9871 and International (646) 307-1963. Please reference conference ID 1095745.

Participants can also listen to the live webcast from the Investor Relations section of the website. The call will be archived and available on the site for approximately one month immediately following the conference call.

About Viasat 

Viasat is a global communications company that believes everyone and everything in the world can be connected. With offices in 24 countries around the world, our mission shapes how consumers, businesses, governments and militaries around the world communicate and connect. Viasat is developing the ultimate global communications network to power high-quality, reliable, secure, affordable, fast connections to positively impact people's lives anywhere they are—on the ground, in the air or at sea, while building a sustainable future in space. In May 2023, Viasat completed its acquisition of Inmarsat, combining the teams, technologies and resources of the two companies to create a new global communications partner. Learn more at, the Viasat News Room or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, X or YouTube

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When did Viasat release its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024 financial results?

Viasat released its fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024 financial results on May 21, 2024.

What is the stock symbol for Viasat?

The stock symbol for Viasat is VSAT.

How can I listen to Viasat's conference call on the financial results?

You can listen to the conference call by dialing U.S. (800) 715-9871 or International (646) 307-1963 with conference ID 1095745, or via the live webcast on the Investor Relations section of Viasat's website.

Will the conference call be available after the event?

Yes, the conference call will be archived on the Investor Relations section of the website for approximately one month.

Where can I find Viasat's fourth quarter and fiscal year 2024 financial results?

The financial results are available in the letter to shareholders posted on the Investor Relations section of Viasat's website.

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