Fiverr Industry Report Reveals that 90% of Tech Executives Hire Freelancers for High-Stress Periods

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Fiverr International releases a report on leveraging freelance talent in tech to help executives navigate challenges in the sector. The report highlights cybersecurity, emerging technologies like AI, and talent sourcing as key focus areas. Tech companies face cybersecurity threats and skill gaps as primary obstacles.
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Tech Companies Remain Bullish on AI Integration Amidst the Ongoing ‘AI Revolution,’ Cybersecurity and Talent Management Top Of Mind for Tech Execs Nationwide

NEW YORK, March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Fiverr International Ltd. (NYSE: FVRR), the company that is changing how the world works together, has released a report, Strategic Insights: Leveraging Freelance Talent in Tech, aimed to help tech executives understand and react to the current challenges across the sector.

The report offers a granular analysis of executives’ pain points, including in which quarter they feel the most stressed (Q3). It also offers a glimpse into how executives are adapting to and overcoming hurdles – particularly around cybersecurity measures, emerging technologies (including AI), and sourcing skilled talent.

“When researching this report, we wanted to create a robust analysis of the problems that tech executives are facing, to provide them with tangible and actionable solutions. The paper’s findings can ultimately serve as a roadmap for executives looking to empower their teams to focus on innovation and growth, while also improving talent retention and satisfaction,” said Maya Rosiman, General Manager of Fiverr Pro. “The report reveals that a strategic hiring approach must be multi-pronged to adequately address the compounding gaps in critical skills, as well as improve workplace culture across today’s tech companies.”

Key findings from the national data include:

The Primary Obstacles and Pain Points of Tech Companies:

  • Cybersecurity threats act as the leading concern for over 50% of tech companies surveyed. Nearly 40% of companies worry about AI integration alongside other relevant technologies while 38% stress over talent acquisition and retention.
  • As organizations grow, 53.2% of tech companies cite optimizing technology and infrastructure as their top challenge, closely followed by maintaining company culture (52.6%) and securing the right talent (50.6%).
  • 89.7% of executives are amenable to leveraging freelancers during peak stress periods, showcasing a strategic embrace of flexible workforce models for optimal operational agility

Industry Attitudes Toward AI and Integration Success:

  • Companies are optimistic about AI and machine learning, with almost 77% of executives remaining positive about its implementation and over 40% deeming it essential for the future.
  • AI integration has been a success story for many leaders, with over a third of leaders saying it has surpassed expectations and exponentially boosted operational efficiency.
  • While nearly a third of executives are enjoying AI's benefits, but only through notable investments and training beforehand. However, almost 20% of leaders cite mixed impact or AI integration falling short due to implementation and capability challenges.

These challenges point towards a larger shift towards more dynamic, supportive, and adaptable workforces to effectively address the various, overlapping challenges facing the industry today.

To better understand how these organizations are responding, the report also found:

How Tech Companies are Navigating Changing Workforce Dynamics and New Skills:

  • A third of companies are seeing more layoffs or workforce redundancies, while another third cite a decline in turnover or no change at all.
  • Tech executives are responding to the industry’s growing demands by honing in on desired skills – specifically around emerging technologies. Nearly 50% of companies are seeking prospects with heavy expertise in AI, machine learning, software, app development, and cybersecurity.
  • Over a quarter of executives (27%) cite soft skills like problem-solving and critical thinking as paramount in the industry today, alongside others like creativity, innovation, adaptability, and communication.

How Tech Companies Leverage Freelance Talent to Build a Flexible Workforce:

  • Nearly 90% of executives are open to leveraging freelancers during peak stress periods.
  • Companies are implementing freelancers into their workforces more than ever, with over 28% of firms integrating them daily and into their operational processes.
  • Over 21% of companies leverage freelancers nearly every workday and over 30% deploy freelance talent two to three days a week

To learn more about the report’s findings and how companies are adapting to the dynamic landscape of the tech industry today, you can read the full report here.

This paper was conducted in partnership with Censuswide among a sample of 500 tech executives in the U.S. The data was collected between February 13, 2024 and February 20, 2024. Censuswide abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society and follows the MRS code of conduct which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

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What report has Fiverr International released?

Fiverr International has released a report on leveraging freelance talent in tech.

What are the primary concerns for tech companies according to the report?

Cybersecurity threats and skill gaps are the leading concerns for tech companies.

Which quarter do tech executives feel the most stressed according to the report?

Tech executives feel the most stressed in Q3 according to the report.

What are the key focus areas highlighted in the report?

The key focus areas highlighted in the report are cybersecurity, emerging technologies like AI, and talent sourcing.

What is the aim of the report released by Fiverr International ?

The aim of the report is to help tech executives understand and react to current challenges in the sector.

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